Code Names

All INVAM Accession Names Consist of Three Components

  1. To conform to rules of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), accession codes can be designed to track country (or state) of origin. To that end, a two letter designation at the beginning of the INVAM accession code signifies the geographic origin of a culture. Within North America, where the greatest number of accessions have been obtained, U.S. states and Canadian provinces receive their own code designation. The table below lists the letter codes currently in use, and the geographic locations which they represent.

  2. A 3-digit number is added which is unique to each accession from a given geographic location (e.g. WV 201 or WV 579). If more than one fungal species sporulates in the first-generation pot culture of an accession, then each species is separated and a letter is added to the number code to link the different fungal species to a common “ancestral” accession (and geographic origin). For example, WV579 A and WV579 B are accessions of two species that sporulated in a pot culture deposited as WV 579.

  3. Last, a dashed integer is added from the first pot culture generation onward. This integer is an internal code used to track successive pot culture generations of an accession, so that we know how often an accession has been repropagated. Thus, WV579A- 7 is the seventh pot culture cycle of accession WV579A. This part of the code is not reported to users, but it can be provided upon request.
Two Letter USA State Codes
AK - Alaska
AZ - Arizona
CA - California
CO - Colorado
DE - Delaware
FL - Florida
GA - Georgia
HA - Hawaii
ID - Idaho
IA - Iowa
IL - Illinois
IN - Indiana
KS - Kansas
KY - Kentucky
MA - Massachusetts
MD - Maryland
MI - Michigan
MN - Minnesota
MO - Missouri
MS - Mississippi
MT - Montana
NC - North Carolina
ND - North Dakota
NE - Nebraska
NH - New Hampshire
NJ - New Jersey
NM - New Mexico
NV - Nevada
OH - Ohio
OR - Oregon
PA - Pennsylvania
RI - Rhode Island
SC - South Carolina
SD - South Dakota
TN - Tennessee
TX - Texas
UT - Utah
VA - Virginia
WA - Washington
WI - Wisconsin
WV - West Virginia
WY - Wyoming
Two Letter Africa Country Codes
CM - Cameroon
EY - Egypt
FA - Burkina Faso
KE - Kenya
MG - Madagascar
ML - Mali
MR - Morocco
NB - Namibia
NG - Nigeria
SE - Senegal
SF - South Africa
ZM - Zimbabwe
Two Letter Asia Codes
CN - China
IS - Israel
JA - Japan
KR - Korea
MG - Mongolia
MY - Malaysia
SY - Syria
TL - Thailand
TU - Turkey
TW - Taiwan
VN - Vietnam
Two Letter Australia Codes
AU - Australia
Two Letter Canada Codes
NS - Nova Scotia
ON - Ontario
QE - Quebec
SA - Saskatchewan
Two Letter Central America Codes
BU - Bermuda
CR - Costa Rica
CU - Cuba
NI - Nicaragua
PR - Puerto Rico
Two Letter Europe Codes
BEG - BEG isolates
DN - Denmark
FR - France
GR - Germany
HO - Holland
IC - Iceland
IT - Italy
PL - Poland
SP - Spain
SW - Switzerland
UK - United Kingdom
Two Letter South America Codes
BR - Brazil
CH - Chile
CL - Colombia
EC - Ecuador
PE - Peru
VZ - Venezuela
MX - Mexico