Microscopy and Imaging

Microscope on desktopThe microscopy lab is situated in Higuchi Hall, a separate building from the greenhouse facility. In this area, spores extracted from active cultures are examined. Vouchers are made at this time, if necessary and stored in oak boxes alphabetically by species name. Results of these observations are recorded and entered into our database.

Spores are collected, examined, and mounted by students, visitors, and staff for a myriad of projects or just to monitor cultures. A digital camera is mounted on the main scope. Data can be entered from any workstation.

Imaging System

The system consists of a Nikon Eclipse 600 compound microscope with DIC optics (calibrated for each objective) and a Nikon DS-Ri2 camera and stereo microscope.

Microscope on desktop

*Many of the photographs on this web site were taken in the mid-90’s with an older 1-chip analog CCD camera (requiring a framegrabber and generally of low resolution). With the move to digital, new images are archived at higher resolutions for printing.