Order INVAM Stocks or Services


To order INVAM stocks or services, use our Clover site for a secure transaction.
Shipping charges will be calculated separately.

While we are finalizing our Clover site, please email invam@ku.edu to place an order.

Order Information (please read)

  1. Search the INVAM accession database to find stock cultures of interest, note the INVAM no. for the cultures that you wish to order.
  2. If a culture is unavailable at the time you would like to order, email invam@ku.edu to inquire about turnaround time for availability, or best substitute.
  3. Sign a Material Transfer Agreement which can be returned by email to kures_contract@ku.edu. *New form coming soon
  4. If cultures are intended for commercial use, email invam@ku.edu for permission and terms before ordering as per MTA.
  5. Upon shipment, the user will receive an email of the tracking number, from which the shipping route can be monitored on the United Parcel Service website.
  6. As a courtesy, we would like to receive a return email to notify us that the package has been received safely and in acceptable condition. Also notify us if there are any problems with a culture after it has been received, so that we can help with a resolution.
  7. An invoice will be emailed.


INVAM Pricing and Services
Cultures-per 100 ml156306
Mixed Bulk Inocula (per 400 ml)375735
Mycorrhizal assessment8641,695
Morphlogical/Sequence ID483948
Spore counts467915
MIP (Mean Infection Percentage)9011,767