Dr. Bala Chaudhary, Ph.D.

Dr. Bala Chaudhary
  • Assistant Professor

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Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire.

Dr. Bala Chaudhary is an Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Dartmouth College. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago and her M.S. and Ph.D. from Northern Arizona University, previously holding faculty appointments at DePaul University and Loyola University Chicago. Research in the Chaudhary lab focuses on plant-soil-microbial interactions and mycorrhizal symbioses with an emphasis on using trait-based approaches to study microbial dispersal at macrosystem scales. Before becoming a professor, Bala worked as a restoration consultant designing habitat mitigation for endangered species. She also writes and speaks extensively on strategies for promoting antiracist action in STEM. Follow her on Twitter @balachaudhary